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It does exactly what it says on the tin.

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Our House really is in the middle of our streetHere it isThe view SouthRemember Remember the 5th of NovemberThe back garden is the first to be sortedThe path had been hidden for the last couple of years by the bushes now on the lawnThere is a problem with this. We don't have access to this garden except through the house!There is a pond under the ivy in the middle of the picture......BUDDLEIA - This started as a small bush a few years back and became a fully grown tree. BYE BYEAll of that has got to go through that door !We are ecological. The recycling bins become a temporary garden feature.View from the back including the slightly wobbly breeze block wall on the right.What a difference a day makesBlimey you don't see bonfires round here much. Oh and the whole house smelt of smoke for days.Perfectly good and strong fence posts. Never mind, dig them up.## "Neighbour's everybody needs good neighbours" ##Looks like we are past the point of no return here then !The sledgehammer laying on the ground in the foreground id obviosuly having a rest.Thought the new carpet would be the last thing they did ?This was before they dug up the lawn, just the trees had been dragged through.....